Top Best Portable Air Conditioners for homes In India

Air conditioners or AC for short is a well-needed commodity in India due to The soaring heat nowadays. And most of the times it is not practical to buy wall fitted ACs. Like if you are leaving in a rented house, you cannot drill their homes for the need electrical connections without permission, And most of the owners will not be willing to give grants for that. And even if it is your own house, you may need to buy multiple Air conditioners for each room. This is costly. And sometimes it is not required since most of the rooms won’t always be used. Portable air conditioners are best suited in such scenarios. In this post, we will help you to find the best portable air conditioners in India online.


How to chose the best Portable air conditioners in India

To pick the best portable ACs in India, there are multiple criterias to be checked

  1. Capacity – The cooling range of an air conditioner is measured regarding a ton. Fun fact: it is the cooling effect needed to rectify the heating which will melt one ton of ice. This is the primary factor you need to consider because this determines how fast the room will be cooled and also where it will be cooled enough. Depending on your room size, the usual climate temperature, etc. you should choose the ideal rooms.
  2. Energy efficiency – Ths is another significant criteria. The ACs can cool faster if they consume a lot of energy doing it so. But it will cause a spike in the electricity bill. The ACs come with an energy star rating. It is better to select one with higher energy efficiency.
  3. Cost – The cost will depend on all other factors like capacity, energy efficiency and brand value. It is directly proportionate to the tons capacity and energy rating. But depending on the brand the same specification will come with varying cost.
  4. Control- Not every portable ACs come with a remote control. Make sure you select one with remote controlling options. Else you will have to get out of the bed in the middle of the night to change the setting or switch it off and on.
  5. Noise Level – You don’t want to be awake all night due to the sound the AC is producing. The specifications come with a decibel value measurement. So choose one with a lower decibel output.
  6. Warranty – There are different warranties of ACs for the full product and the compressor. Make sure you have at last one year of warranty. This will make your life a lot easier.

The following are our recommendations of our best portable AC online in India.

  1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC
    Best portable air conditioner in India 2018
    Check Price on Amazon
    Bluestar portable air conditioners need no introduction to the Indian customers They have been so long in the market for cooling appliances. This product is no exception.It comes in a white stylist color and will be a good addition to your living room also.Specifications

    • Capacity 1 ton
    • Warranty on electromechanical part: 1 year
    • Compressor warranty – 5 year 
    • Noise level – 53. Very quiet.
    • Very Easy to install
    • Quick cooling
    • Very easy to move around
    • Free drainage techniques
    • Included components -1 full unit along with Mounting accessories (hose pipe, connector, mounting bracket, Drainage pipe)
    • Model – BS-CPAC12DA
    • Feather touch controls
    • Remote control
    • Dust and Anti Bacterial Filter

    • Automatic mode for optimal cooling based on room temperature

    • sleep mode for better-controlled setting during your sleep

  2. Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC – White

    Lloyd portable air conditioner india

    Check Price on Flipkart
    Lloyd has a variety of products across the cooling appliances. And they have one of the best portable ACs for home usage. Coming in a trendy white color this AC is an excellent choice for you.


    • Capacity 1 ton
    • Warranty on product: 1 year
    • Compressor warranty – 5 year 
    • Noise level – 54. Very quiet.
    • Timer functionality to automatically sith off and on
    • Self diagnosis
    • Very Easy to install
    • Quick cooling
    • Very easy to move around
    • Model -LP12PF
    • Feather touch controls
    • LED display
    • Dust filter
    • Dehumidifier
    • Automatic mode for optimal cooling based on room temperature
    • sleep mode for better-controlled setting during your sleep
    • Weight – 31.9 Kilogram


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