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The best dishwasher in India in 2018

Dishwashers have not been in the Indian market for long. We are still used to the manual cleaning of the plates and cup by using sponges and steel scrubs. It is time for us to change to the automatic dishwashers to clean our utensils. This will save our time and effort to a considerable extent. In this post, we will tell you how to choose the best dishwasher in India for your needs and our top recommendations and reviews of products available in the Indian market as of today.

Dishwashers are like a washing machine and dryer for utensils. They do cycles of cleaning using water and detergent, then rinse them, drain the water and dry them. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? You can clean plates, mugs, bowls, glasses, spoons, forks and most of the everyday utensils in your kitchen quickly.

How to chose the best Dishwashers in India

There are many different features for every dishwasher.And you should select the features you are interested in before deciding to buy one.

  • Capacity – A family of four and a single guy/girl will need different capacity. The family will have more utensils to clean and more frequently. While an individual will not need a large capacity. The capacity of a dishwasher will be given in units of ‘place setting’. A ‘place setting’ is the whole set of utensils like a plate, spoon, etc. used by one person. So for a family, choose one with higher place settings like a ’12 place setting’ or else you may have to do multiple cycles. And for a single person, choose a smaller setting, else you will be wasting money.
  • Size – Before buying a dishwasher, make sure you have a big enough place for it in your home. The size will also depend on the capacity. Bigger the capacity, bigger the size. Check out the dimensions, decide where you’re going to place it and see if there is the size for it.
  • Noise Level – Though not important factor as in choosing an air conditioner, you don’t want loud sound when the cleaning is going on. It will be given in units of decibels(dB). And if it is near your bedroom or living room, this becomes more important to select one with lower sound,
  • Installation type – Some dishwashers will be built into one of the cupboards in your kitchen so that they will be integrated seamlessly with your kitchen. No one else will notice there is a dishwasher. But if you are moving homes then you cannot take it with you. Freestanding dishwashers, which we will be listing out in this post, can be positioned as per your wish later on. You just need access to the pipeline for wastewater pumping.
  • Water consumption – Dishwashers will use a significant amount of water like a washing machine since it is used for cleaning. The amount of water it uses will be given in litres in the specification. Try to choose one with lower consumption.
  • Wash programs – In washing machines you might have seen multiple wash types meant for cotton, wool, super fast, mixed variety of clothes, etc. The dishwashers also have similar settings for very dirty utensils, slightly dirty utensils, fas cleaning, etc. This will also affect the water consumed and the energy used.
  • Warranty – Check out how much years warranty is given for the product, so if you have some problems you can replace. Also, you should read what all will be covered by their warranty. It differs from each product and brands,
Item CapacityWarranty
Bosch SMS60L18IN12-place setting2 years
IFB Neptune FX12-place setting2 years
Siemens SN26L201IN12-place setting1 year
LG D1451WF14-place setting2 years

The best dishwashers available in India

  1. Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

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    Bosch is a German branch, manufacturing quality products in India. And this dishwasher from their inventory is one of the top dishwashers in India in 2017. It comes in a 12 place setting, perfect for an average family. It also comes with unique wash cycle for cleaning Indian masalas, pressure cookers, etc.


    • Capacity – It comes with a 12 place setting. This is the most common setting available. For a family, it should be enough.
    • Size – 84.5 cm in height, 60cm in width and 60 cm depth
    • Water consumption – It consumes only 9.5 litres of water in their most efficient wash cycle.
    • Model – SMS60L18IN
    • Product Warranty: 2 years and ten years warranty against rusting of inside tub
    • Wash programs – 6 (Intensive Kadhai 70°C, Auto 45-65°C, Express Sparkle 65°C, Eco 50°C, Quick 45°C, Pre-rinse)
    • Noise level – only 52 dB
    • Timer functionality for setting the dishwasher to start at the desired time. You can also fix it with the desired wash program. This will be helpful when you want to go outside for work or otherwise. You don’t have to worry about the sound also.
    • A smart sensor which can detect how much load is there and use only the needed water. This will ensure water is not wasted.
    • Eco silence drive feature makes sure the energy is consumed efficiently.
    • Half load option to efficiently work the dishwasher even when only half of the dishwasher is filled.
    • 60-minute wash cycle for quick use.


  2. IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

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    No home appliances list will be complete without the IFB brand. The Neptune FX is one the best dishwasher in India. Like the other, it is also a 12 place settings capacity. It has fully automatic functioning. A unique program for cleaning utensils soiled heavily with oil and other stains.


    • Capacity – Has the standard 12 place setting suited for a family of four.
    • Size – 59.6 cm in height, 59.8 cm in width and 84.5 cm depth.
    • Water consumption – It consumes 12 litres of water which is slightly more than the Bosch.
    • Model – Neptune FX
    • Product Warranty: 2 years.
    • Wash programs – 5 included.
    • Noise level – Also 52 dB like our first choice.
    • It uses technology for softening water os it can use the detergents more efficiently and thus providing better cleaning of the utensils.
    • One of the racks is adjustable. So if you need to place bigger utensils, then you can shift the upper rack to one side and put the large plates on the bottom shelf.
    • If your plates and spoons are not heavily soiled, then you can use the quick wash option to clean them quickly
    • This also comes with half load option to save electricity and water when washing only some utensils.
    • Comes with child lock, so your children do not start it.


  3. Siemens Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

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    Another dishwasher from the Germans, this Siemens model is one of the top dishwashers in Indian market available online now. It comes with unique iQdriver motor technology for durability and efficiency.


    • Capacity -Standard 12 place setting.
    • Size – 84.5 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 60 cm depth.
    • Water consumption – 9.5 litres consumption in the eco mode
    • Model – SN26L201IN
    • Product Warranty: 1 years and ten years against cavity rusting.
    • Wash programs – 6 including eco mode and different cleaning options depending on the dirt on the utensils.
    • Noise level – 52 dB which quiet.
    • VarioSpeed for reducing the wash cycle duration for most options.
    • Special programmed called HygienePlus for the best antibacterial washing for your ware(s).
    • You can use the half load options – available in other products also – for saving electricity and water while cleaning low amount of plates.
    • LED display for showing the details for a salt refill and rinse aid.
    • HydroMix glass care protection technology
    • Childproof door lock provided to keep your children safe.
    • You can adjust the top basket to put larger utensils in the lower neglect.
    • The inner tub is made of  Stainless steel
    • For more details on the specs check the Siemens product page.


  4. LG 14 place settings Dishwasher

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    LG is a major player in the home appliances market, and they made the list of the best dishwasher in India also. This is the first 14 ‘place setting’ dishwasher on this list. It provides a lot of features to make your cleaning easier and quicker.

    • Capacity – Larger 14 place setting.
    • Size – 85 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 60 cm depth.
    • Water consumption – 9.5 litres consumption in the eco mode
    • Model – D1451WF
    • Product Warranty: 2 years
    • Wash programs – 5
    • Noise level – 45 dB which is much quieter than other models.
    • This is due to the ‘LG Inverter Direct Drive feature’ perfected by them.
    • The LED display is used for indications of all the information on the current wash.
    • Provides child lock to prevent children from changing the settings.
    • The energy saves feature switches on and off the display automatically and intelligently so that power is not wasted.
    • Refill indicator present.
    • The racks are adjustable to position your utensils as you need. When there are utensils of multiple sizes, this can be pretty useful. The tines can be folded as you wish so that all types of dishes can be placed anywhere.
    • Time delay function available.
    • Quick wash mode was available for faster cleaning.


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