Best Fitness Smartwatch in India

An excellent way to improve anything is to keep track of your activities. It is no different in the case of healthy either. This is where the fitness smartwatches come into the picture. They help you in maintaining your fitness by tracking your calories burned, the distance you walked, your sleep patterns etc. They can even monitor your heartrates.

There is a confusing amount of fitness watches in the Indian market and what to choose ultimately depends on what are you trying to achieve. There are cheap options with essential features, experienced brands, expensive watches with advanced features.

Are you a casual jogger who wants to improve your stamina? Do you want to track your swimming? Maybe you are not feeling fresh in the morning and want to analyse your sleep patterns. Or you want to monitor heartbeats over a period for some medical analysis. Do you want a band that doesn’t look awkward? Maybe looks like a wristwatch itself. For everything, you do have a variety of choices.


So what are the essential features you should check when you are going for a new fitness tracker?

  1. Heart rate monitor (24/7)
  2. Sleep analysis
  3. Distance covered tracking(Also steps)
  4. Smartphone connectivity


The Best Fitness Smartwatches in India 2018

  1. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

    Samsung has seen some iterations for their smartwatch, improving with each version.
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    And the Gear Sport is one of their latest addition to their fitness devices. It does help if you have a Samsung phone also since some features are better suited for it. But it will work with Android and IOS.
    They came in two colours, black and blue and suited for a sporty environment.
    It comes with a 1.2 inch AMOLED  touchscreen and protected by gorilla glass. So you don’t have to fear about scratches. You can even use it to pay for things using the Samsung pay feature.
    So what all can you do with your new fitness watch apart from checking the time?

    • Water Resistance: If you are swimmer then this is a good option. It provides resistance up to 50m. Your swimming activities will be recorded including the stroke types and lap times.
    • Goal setting: You can define goals on your phone including the calories you want to burn, the food intake etc. This will be synced to the watch, and it will help you in achieving this. It will notify if you have burned only some calories so that you can exercise more. You can also know how many calories you consumed etc.
    • Training Guides: Along with the watch comes a set of training guides, around 60 for various conditions. You can also scrren it to your smart TV.
    • GPS – It will track your location via GPS and show you the path you have taken during your jogging.
    • Heart rate monitor – It will monitor your beats per minute and display a simple analysis.
    • Altimeter – You can know the number of steps you have taken in a day. Also, you can check the current height above sea level.
    • UI customization – There are a number of designs which you can use as the watch interface.
    • Offline Music – You can store music offline so that you can enjoy exercises a bit more.