Best 42-43 inch LED Smart TV in India

Smart TVs are the latest addition to the world TVs. With the help of internet and IOT, they are able to cater to more of our needs.

So what do you mean by a smart TV and what all can it do?

  1. Watch from internet streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, youtube etc. There will be an individual app for each of the services on your TV. You can even download additional apps via google play store like in our first choice.
  2. Voice commands – A problem when you are searching for content on youtube and other streaming service is typing out the name from a remote. If it is in your mobile or laptop then it is not a problem due to the keyboard. So the smart TVs have a voice command recognition system. You just need to talk to the remote what shows or series you need to watch and it will display the results. And then you can navigate also using different commands.
Sony 43W800D 1080Yes43 inches
LG 43LJ554T1080Yes43 inches
  1. Sony Bravia 800D Full HD 3D LED Android TV

    The best 43 inch LED Smart tv in India 2018

    W800D series is one of the popular brands of LED TV in the market today. And for the right reasons. They come in 43, 50 and 55 inches. So if you like this series but not satisfied with the size, then opt for the bigger ones.

    There are many reasons for choosing this series. Starting from the proprietary X-Reality PRO technology. It is what makes the full HD bigger. With this, they change the images, based on some patterns from making films so to give an extra fineness to the picture. It also helps in noise reduction to improve the images.

    Next is the enhanced audio with the help of a bass reflex speaker. You can hear how it better on their website. The use a better sampling rate when compared to CDs. So you can hear every little detail. There is a built-in subwoofer also.

    What makes it smart though is the Android TV that comes with it. You can sue the voice search in the remote control for controlling the TV.  You can also connect your favourite video streaming channels like Hulu, youtube and Netflix. And even Spotify.

    If you like working on your mobile or laptop but need a bigger screen, then there is a Chromecast built into the TV. So you could cast your screen with a click of the button.

    You can install apps from the google play store and even get a notification on your smartphone via Notify Bravia.

    another interesting feature is the IR Blaster via which you can control your DTH box also with the same remote.

    A camera also comes with it allowing you to record or take photos and store into a USB drive.

    Size43 inches
    TypeSmart LED
    HDMI ports4
    USB ports 2

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  2.  LG 108 43LJ554T Full HD LED Smart TV

    LG 43LJ554T Smart LED TV
    LG 43LJ554T Smart LED TV


    LG is another contender for smart TVs in the Indian market. It comes with an IPS full HD screen with a Color Master Engine. Supporting this is a 20 Watt speaker with Dolby and support.And they come at a good price.

    The machine is powered by the webOS operating system which is designed specifically for TVs and the Indian market. It supports up to 12 Indian languages on the screen. Major streaming services like Prime, Netflix and Youtube are available. It also allows incoming notifications. Whenever you get a call, message, email etc, they will show up on your screen. There is a recording function available, including scheduled ones, so that you don’t have to worry about missing that cricket match or the new premier.

    There are multiple aspect ratios to select from and 8 different picture and audio modes including for cinema and cricket.

    You can even use the different functions at the same time. So you can watch cricket while surfing the net at the same time. Both will be shown on the same screen.

    You can do a video call by connecting your phone and TV. There is a special app called Tellybean available on their content store. So you can make use of your existing mobile itself for calls and don’t need to use a webcam.

    You can also link your mobile phone to the TV and transfer the screen for a bigger view. If you feel the inbuilt memory is low you can use an external USB for increasing it.

    Another exciting feature is the live zoom and the music player app. You can enlarge and inspect the channel you are viewing easily. Also using the music player you can listen to your favourite songs even if the screen is not on. You can even see the lyrics so that you can sing along.

    Size43 inches
    TypeSmart LED
    HDMI ports2
    Operating SystemwebOS
    USB ports 1